Our Experience Marks The Difference.

Our team monitors suspicious activities


IBI International Logistics, Inc. takes pride in its commitment to provide outstanding service while adhering and supporting all applicable laws and regulations.  All of IBI International Logistics, Inc. employees working in areas exposed to money laundering scenarios receive proper training and review activity for suspicious activity. Our KYC – AML procedures reinforces the relationship with our clients by consistently sustaining the highest level of transparency and legitimacy in all of our mutual business activities.

IBI International Logistics, Inc. has implemented a rigorous Compliance Program, which addresses policies and procedures in Customer Identification and Employee Ethics among others.

Our CDD procedures include reviewing all entities and their beneficial owners with whom we conduct business. Our accounts are continuously reviewed and updated annually. Amongst the factors taken into account are identification-verification, background check, length of time in business, reputation, country risk assessment, customer’s internal AML program, OFAC, PEP, CFT, 200+ government agencies and 400+ sanctions lists.